Welcome to the portfolio of a curious and humble designer of products and services.

Hello, my name is Scott Ichikawa. I am a UX Design Director and HCI+Design Associate Teaching Professor at the University of Washington with over 20 years of professional experience making unique and thoughtful products & services. I am passionate about building collaborative purpose-led teams of designers (UX+visual+ID), strategists, researchers, and software engineers through all phases of the design process.

My curiosity for understanding complex systems has led me to work in a variety of industries and collaborate/partner with a broad range of clients. Learn more about me and some of my collaborations below.


At a young age, I was inspired to find my own unique creative voice after working with my father, a landscape architect, as he transformed rough and barren landscapes into beautiful Japanese gardens. My curiosity in understanding human behavior and creating new things, combined with my love/hate relationship with technology, led me into the field of UX design.

Scott Ichikawa Family
Scott Ichikawa Dad
Scott Ichikawa

Over the years I have had the opportunity to work on a variety of products and services – including mapping and prototyping future Internet of Things scenarios, defining the UI/UX for medical robotics technology, building core experiences and UX standards for AR/VR and designing applications for both patients and medical providers that foster better health outcomes.

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Sumio Studio Project ISI Ion Project
Sumio Studio AR Experience
Sumio Studio Project Current Project
Sumio Studio 98point6 Telehealth
Sumio Studio Project Current Project
Sumio Studio AR Experience
Sumio Studio Project Current Project
Sumio Studio Project Current Project
Sumio Studio Project Current Project
Sumio Studio Project Sonosite

Design for our communities, society, humanity, and planet to lead to a more preferable future.

Design and HCI have been focusing more and more on user needs as the central focus of our work. I find myself wondering, what happens when the wants or desires of individual people do not align with the needs of our diverse communities?

I believe that the future of design requires us to think beyond the individual. We need to thoughtfully and inclusively make sure that our products consider the diverse and intermingled cultures, values, and desires of today’s societies. We need to consider the long-term and social impact of our products and services with the intentional purpose of moving towards a more preferable future.

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